Trying to find out who made the first guitars in America is
not an easy task. What is easy to learn is that there are dozens of guitarists,
and they have long existed. Everyone has his preferences and artistic
differences – that’s what makes every company successful. The list of guitar
manufacturers is pretty quiet, although most people have not heard of the
majority of manufacturers on the list. Some of the most popular and successful
guitar manufacturers have quite a lot of history, and we’ll look at some of the
best-known guitarists in the next few paragraphs.

One of the earliest versions of the guitar was made by
Stradivarius, but even this version was far from what we know today as a

C.F. Martin and the company are considered the oldest
producer of guitars in America, opening their doors around 1833 in Germany. But
because the violin makers thought that his guitars would drive them out of
business, Martin left Germany for America to discover what would become one of
the leading producers of all time. C. F. Martin and Co produce only acoustic
guitars, except for their acoustic electric guitar. Their series of Dreadnought
are their best-selling series, and some guitarists, such as Eric Clapton,
Johnny Cash, Beck and Jimmy Buffett, said they are the best guitars on the
market. Some of their models are sold for thousands of dollars. In 2000, Martin
produced more than 24,000 guitars a year, which has improved significantly
since the year 182, which he produced in 1900. In 2004 they built their
millionth guitar. The guitar boasts more than 40 inlaid rubies and diamonds and
is estimated at one million dollars.

Gibson is probably the next oldest producer of American
guitar. Gibson Guitar Corporation is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and began
producing musical instruments in 1902. Their first instrument was the mandolin.
In the early 1930s, Gibson produced acoustic flat-topped guitars and one of the
first hollow acoustic guitars. They introduced their first electric guitar from
the solid in the 1950s and signed the award-winning guitarist Les Paul to
support the Gibson Les Paul guitars. Gibson Guitar Corporation was the first
manufacturer of electric guitars in the industry. All Gibson guitars are made
in the United States, and they are the largest producer of guitars in the
United States. Gibson was the first guitarist to create a “green guitar”.
One of the last guitars uses robotic technology developed by Gibson and can be
tuned in less than 10 seconds.

Fender was not the first company to produce an electric
guitar; Fender were the most successful electric guitar for mass production.
Fender has also been successful in manufacturing and selling amplifiers. Fender
amplifiers are one of the most popular amplifiers on the market today. In 1965,
Fender sold all of its CBS companies for $ 13 million. As CBS made a lot of
money-saving changes in its products, sales changed dramatically, and the
demand for Fender guitars fell. Finally, in 1985, Fender’s employees acquired a
stake in CBS in the company and renamed the company Fender Musical Instruments
Corporation. Today they produce the old Fender school and the most favorite
guitars with some modern updates and styles.



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